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Lulu M

Raphia Vert

This precious fiber is mainly found in Madagascar. Local cultural heritage, the inhabitants of the island have been able to pass on this craft generation after generation. A unique ancestral know-how from harvesting raffia, through its drying and weaving. Preserving this work is an environmental issue which makes it possible to fight against the destruction of local forests which does not spare this island in the Indian Ocean.

Fiber, dyeing, braiding and manufacturing made in Madagascar.


- Dust using a soft brush.

- Clean with natural soap and rinse with clean water without chemicals (except for leather parts)

- Air dry.

- At first, wear your accessory with dark clothes to avoid color bleeding on your clothes

- Protect from heat sources.

- The care with which you take care of your accessory will allow you to keep it for a long time.

- Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or artificial light which can tone the color.

- Avoid prolonged contact with water, humidity reinforces the migration of colors on clothing.

Adjustable chain and leather shoulder strap measuring 105 cm. Wide leg shoulder belt. Flap with snap button closure. One small pocket under the flap. One exterior zipped pocket. One interior pocket. One key hook inside.
Handbag 80% Raphia 20% taurillon
Dimensions : 23 x 12 x 15 cm
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  • Lulu M
  • Lulu M
  • Lulu M
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