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Popoche S Lamé Champagne Goatskin

Popoche SLamé Champagne Goatskin

Dimensions: 20 x 11.5 x 0.5 cm
Zipped closure
Features a ring that can hook inside your handbag
Iconic small stud design
Case 100% Goatskin / Lining 100% coton

This goatskin has been tanned back before being laminted in a silver lizard-print on the sueded underside for a better adherence.

Avoid rubbing your accessory against rough surfaces, which can snag the leather and remove the metallic finish.

Wear with dark clothing to avoid colour transfer

Keep away from heat.

Avoid prolonged contact with water.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight or artificial light can alter the colour of the leather.

Leather is a natural, « living » material that acquires a patina over time.

The care and attention you give your accessory will help ensure its long and beautiful lifespan.

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