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Henri Marine Noirci Goatskin

HenriMarine Noirci Goatskin

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Dimensions: 10 x 6,5 x 2 cm
Fastens completely with a zipper
Two compartments for your change
Iconic small stud design
Wallet 100% Goatskin / Lining 100% coton

The highly distinctive appearance of this type of goatskin gives accessories a ‘70s look. This thick leather provides our models with wonderful structure. This leather is dyed using vegetable-based tanning agents.

Before using your accessory use a soft brush (to remove dust from the manufacturing process) and apply a waterproof spray. Reapply the waterproof spray regularly.

Wear your accessory with dark clothes at the beginning to avoid color stain on your clothes. 

Avoid contact with greasy or fatty substances.

Avoid contact with water. Beware that humidity may increase color transfer and bleeding onto clothing.

Protect from heat sources.

Exposure to sunlight or artificial light can alter the colour of the leather. 

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