Bobi léopard Pony Calfskin

BobiLéopard Pony Calfskin

Dimensions : 25 x 15 x 10 cm
Leather flap with a double magnetic fastening
Leather and chain shoulder strap adjustable and two lengths (maximum length 105 cm)
Two zip gussets to adjust size
Three pouch compartments
One detachable mirror
Iconic small metal stud design
One flashlight and key hook inside
Bag 75% Calfskin 15% Lambskin 10% Goatskin / Lining 100% coton

The calf finish "pony" is a symbol of sensuality and femininity. Printed with animal motifs or plain, it highlights the details of accessories. The softness of the material comes from the fineness of its hairs (beware of
their wear to the friction).

Origin of the leather: New Zealand, tanning made in Italy

Pony calfskin hairs will gradually rub off. This is inherent to the material. We recommend that you always carry your bag on the same side.

Wash with a clean, slightly dampened cloth and leave to dry naturally.

Avoid prolonged contact with water. Beware that humidity may increase color transfer and bleeding onto clothing.

Avoid contact with greasy or fatty substances.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight or artificial light can alter the colour of the leather.

The care and attention you give your accessory will help ensure its long and beautiful lifespan.

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