Fanfan Chèvre velours noir

FanfanNoir velours Azur

335,00 €
Hauteur de talon 4,5 cm
Escarpins à talons bas
Chaussant confortable
Semelle en cuir
chaussure 100% chèvre

The velvet or nubuck finish of this goatskin is achieved by lightly sanding the leather to achieve the desired soft texture. 

Before using your accessory use a soft brush (to remove dust from the manufacturing process) and apply a waterproof spray. Reapply the waterproof spray regularly.

 In the beginning, wear your accessory with dark clothing to avoid color transfer from the accessory onto articles of clothing.

Avoid prolonged contact with water. Beware that humidity may increase color transfer and bleeding onto clothing.

Keep away from heat.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight or artificial light can alter the colour of the leather.

The care and attention you give your accessory will help ensure its long and beautiful lifespan.

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335,00 €
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