Pierre Vachette kirsch

PierreVachette kirsch

495,00 €
Dimensions : 31 x 23 x 12
Sac seau souple et léger
Fermeture zippée
Bandoulière en vachette végétale tressée, mesurant 100 cm
Les fameux petits rivets métalliques signature
Une lampe et un lien porte-clés à l’intérieur du sac
Sac 100% Vachette

Authenticity and tradition are invited in the collection with this thick cowhide tanned in the purest tradition of the plant. This leather evokes the equestrian world, vintage accessories... products for life. Vegetable tanning. Made in italy 

Avoid rubbing your accessory against rough surfaces.

Keep away from heat.

Avoid prolonged contact with water.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight or artificial light can alter the colour of the leather.

Leather is a natural, « living » material that acquires a patina over time.

The care and attention you give your accessory will help ensure its long and beautiful lifespan.

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