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Léopard chamois split suede

The undercoat of the calfskin has been sanded for a velvety feel. For the colors black, tobacco and avocado, the skins have been mass-tanned.

For the Leopard Chamois rind, a double dyeing was carried out to limit the disgorging of the color then a digital printing with the leopard pattern was carried out on the surface.

Origin of the leather: Europe, tanning made in Italy


 Before using your accessory use a soft brush (to remove dust from the manufacturing process) and apply a waterproof spray. Reapply the waterproof spray regularly.

At the beginning, wear your dark colored accessory with dark clothing to avoid color transfer from the accessory onto articles of clothing.

Wear your light-colored accessory with light clothing to avoid color transfer from the articles of clothing onto your accessory.

Warning: your dark clothes might stain on your accessory if the color is not properly fixed.

Protect from heat sources.

Avoid rubbing your accessory against rough surfaces. This material scratches easily.

Avoid snagging your accessory, as the material could tear.

Avoid contact with greasy or fatty substances.

Exposure to sunlight or artificial light can alter the colour of the leather.

Leather is a living and natural material. Using your accessory with delicacy will allow you to keep it longer


Full zip closure. Two handles on the top of the bag. A removable and adjustable shoulder strap in two lengths; measuring a maximum of 88 cm and a minimum of 53 cm. Organized bag with a large compartment, a patch pocket and a large zipped pocket inside. Two large exterior zippered pockets on the front and back of the bag. One flashlight and key hook inside.
Case 90% SplitCalfskin 10% Cowskin / Lining 100% Cotton
Width : 29 cm Height : 22 cm Depth : 20 cm
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