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Introducing : Natacha Paschal
Introducing : Natacha Paschal

Since day one, Jérôme Dreyfuss has always loved staging his collections in an Arty universe. He regularly calls on contemporary artists to create exclusive in-store displays, campaign artwork and printed fabrics.  The designer asks only two things: that the artists act boldly and show a flair for whimsy.


This season, he has given free rein to Natacha Paschal, a 30-year old artist with a punk spirit ready to spark rebellion. Like Jérôme, Natacha uses her work to try to free women from social constraints and conventions. For this project, she chose the designer’s three best-loved companions Bobi, Billy and Lulu to be the objects of playful parody.


Natacha Paschal is a French visual artist and illustrator. Her work draws its inspiration from the world of fashion, women’s magazines and luxury goods advertising whose codes she takes on a road less travelled to explore her ambivalent attitude–part attraction, part repulsion–to this industry.

How can we change, caught as we are between fascination for the fashion world and concern about what’s happening to our own World? How can we assume our materialist wants faced with the gradual destruction of our planet? 

Through her creations and displays, she explores the mechanisms of human psychology involved in our relationship with consumption. Without taking the moral high ground or taking herself seriously, she shares her point of view: creating is a form of resistance.

Using recovered materials, Natacha Paschal has taken aim at Jérôme Dreyfuss’ cherished companions and hit pure gold. Using cardboard, wire and other precious waste she launched a radical makeover of your favourite bags! Natacha took these alter-egos of Billy, Lulu and Bobi out of the workshop and into the streets, flaunting them all around Paris. The images feature a derisive humour that shakes off a few shackles.