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Lulu L

Rouille Python

The python seduces by its exoticism and is synonymous with luxury. He is part of the reptile’s family. It is easily recognizable thanks to its very cut scales which give the relief and the body to the accessories. Our ‘funky’ colour features the python’s natural dorsal markings. After tanning and dying in the mass, the central spots are painted by hand. The skins are then tumble finished in a drum for a sleeker look and waxy feel.

Noir : Origin of the leather Indonesia, tanning made in Italy.


Warning only for black colour: Rejuvenate the leather by applying a nourishing cream specified for use on snakeskin and reptile leather. (Test along the interior of the bag or a less visible corner before applying to the rest of the bag).

At the beginning, wear your dark colored accessory with dark clothing to avoid color transfer from the accessory onto articles of clothing.

Protect from heat sources.

Avoid rubbing your accessory on abrasive or raised surfaces, a scale could catch on and your accessory could tear.

Avoid contact with water. Beware that humidity may increase colour transfer and bleeding onto clothing.

Leather is a living and natural material. Using your accessory with delicacy will allow you to keep it longer.


A removable and adjustable leather and chain shoulder strap in two lengths; measuring maximum 105 cm and minimum 52.5 cm, with a large leather tabs with pressure. Flap with magnetic closure. Organized bag with a large compartment and a zippered pocket. A small pocket under the flap. A zipped pocket in the back. One key hook inside.
Handbag 90% Python 10% Lambskin / Lining 100% Split Porkskin
Dimensions : 26 cm x 19 cm x 15 cm
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